Drug Detection Dogs And Training

Drug Dogs and Drug Detection Dog Training That's Second to None!

In an age where illegal drug trafficking is at its all time high, it is important for law enforcement and government agencies to have the best available resources to assist in their drug interdiction efforts. Highly skilled drug detection dog teams can be a major asset in any successful drug interdiction program.

At Highland Canine Training, LLC we can provide you with a highly effective drug dog as well as first class handler training to ensure that you get the most from your drug detection dog team.  Our extensive process of selecting, imprinting and training our detection dogs, coupled with our unbeatable handler training programs and our commitment to customer service and support make us a leader in the industry.

Quality Drug Dogs

Our drug detection dogs are meticulously screened to ensure that they are social, environmentally sound and that they have the required drives and temperament to perform detection functions successfully in high stress and demanding environments.

We can provide top quality, imported German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers , Golden Retrievers, Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers as well as other breeds upon request.

drug detection dog german shepherd
drug detection dog belgian malinois
drug detection dog labrador retriever

Our Drug Detection Training Process

We utilize a variety of proven methods in training drug detection dogs for law enforcement and military organizations.

We understand the demands that will be placed on these drug dogs in the course of their work in the field and because of this, we make every effort to ensure that our drug detection dogs are well prepared before leaving our facility.

From our meticulous selection process to advanced training, we take a systematic approach to the conditioning and training of these drug detection dogs.  Our drug detection dogs are required to work in a wide variety of real world working situations throughout their training process to ensure that there are no surprises when they are placed in service.

In the search for illegal narcotics, our dogs are trained to search passenger and commercial vehicles, a variety of buildings, aircraft, buses, luggage and parcels and are conditioned to perform in distracting field environments.

train drug detection dogs

Drug detection dogs are trained to locate the source of:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA)
  • LSD
  • PCP

Prior to graduating our programs, our detection dogs are proficient in locating and pinpointing drug odor sources of varying sizes, from residual amounts to large, trafficking quantities.  Drug detection dogs are trained to department specifications with an aggressive (scratch) or passive (sit) alert. Many law enforcement agencies and commercial detection businesses prefer the passive final indication to avoid damage to vehicles and other property. However, some agencies prefer the active indication and this can easily be accommodated as well. All of our dogs are trained to nationally recognized drug detection dog standards.

In addition to narcotics detection, our drug detection dogs are also trained in on and off-leash obedience for complete control.  Drug dogs are also trained and tested in practical agility to ensure that they will be confident when required to work on elevated surfaces and in confined spaces.

Drug Detection Dog Handler Training

drug detection dog seizure

We don’t just train successful drug detection dogs – we train successful drug detection dog teams.

A majority of the drug detection dog teams that we have trained have detected substantial drug seizures, some within only a few hours of returning to duty. That’s because we ensure that our dog teams are completely confident and well trained in criminal interdiction in addition to learning the necessary skills to be an effective canine handler.

Our handler training courses teach handlers every aspect of handling detection dogs from properly searching vehicles, avoiding liability pitfalls and successfully prosecuting narcotics detection canine related cases in court.

Our Drug Dog Handler Course is a comprehensive course taught by current and former law enforcement K9 handlers and supervisors that teaches beginner handlers all they need to know to be safe and effective in the field.  For experienced handlers, our handler courses can be customized to assist them in honing their existing skills.  Listed below are some of the topics covered during our Drug Dog Handler Courses:

Basic Odor Theory
Proper Handling Techniques
Canine Case Law
Record Keeping & Report Writing
Canine First Aid & CPR
Proper Detection Training Aid Handling and Storage
Advanced Detection & Interdiction
Scent Discrimination Trailing
Variable Surface Trailing
Tactical Tracking
Police K9 Agility

Drug Dog Services & Guarantees

We offer a two-year health guarantee and include x-rays on all of our drug detection dogs. The purchase of a drug detection dog also includes a 3-week Police K9 Handler Course of instruction, lodging at our dog training center, certification, course materials and free in-service training and annual re-certification.  Refresher training is available for as long as you own the dog.

For more information on our drug detection dog sales and training, feel free to contact us locally at 704.498.7907, toll free at 800.406.3243 or you can email us at policek9@highlandcanine.com.