Bomb Detection Dogs And Training

Quality Bomb Detection Dogs - Because Safety and Security are Paramount

A harsh reality of our global society is that we are all faced with the ever increasing threat to physical security from acts of terrorism. Whether the threats originate from domestic or international groups, highly skilled and specially trained dogs are needed by police departments, military and government organizations across the world to ensure the safety of those they protect. 

Employing skilled bomb detection dogs is one of the most effective ways to deter and eliminate these threats. Our extensive process of selecting, imprinting and training our detection dogs, coupled with our unbeatable handler training programs and our commitment to customer service and support make us a leader in the industry.

Unparalleled Bomb Detection Dogs

Our bomb detection dogs are meticulously selected to ensure that they are social, environmentally sound and that they have the required drives and temperament to perform bomb detection functions successfully in high stress and demanding environments. We can provide German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers as well as other breeds upon request.

In addition to explosives detection, our bomb dogs are also trained in tracking/trailing, obedience and practical agility. Our bomb detection dogs are trained to nationally recognized standards.

bomb detection dog terrier

Bomb detection dogs are trained only with a passive alert for the safety of the dog and handler. Explosives detection dogs are trained on the following odors:

  • Nitrate and Chlorate Explosives Salts
  • HMTD
  • TATP
  • PETN
  • RDX (tagged and untagged)
  • TNT
  • C4 (tagged and untagged)
  • Semtex A& H
  • Smokeless Powder
  • Black Powder
  • Dynamite

Our explosives detection handler courses are intensive and cover training on explosive recognition, proper handling of explosive training aids and proofing the explosives detection dog. Bomb detection dogs are consistently working in areas where there are competing odors of similarity and it is critical that these dog alert only on the target odor.

bomb detection dog training
bomb detection dog

Detection Dog Handler Training

Our bomb detection dog handler courses stress that safety is paramount and we work to ensure that handlers are able to effectively work bomb detection dogs in the safest method possible.

Bomb detection handlers are taught to efficiently sweep convention centers and large public venues, roadways and parking areas, conduct checkpoints as well as other missions that these handlers are tasked with completing. We insist that all of our handlers are completely comfortable with their new partner before completing our courses. Our rigorous scenario-based certification program ensures that our handlers are completely capable of performing effectively when they return to the field.

Our Bomb Dog Handler Course is a comprehensive course taught by current and former law enforcement K9 handlers and supervisors that teaches beginner handlers all they need to know to be safe and effective in the field.  For experienced handlers, our handler courses can be customized to assist them in honing their existing skills.  Listed below are some of the topics covered during our Bomb Dog Handler Courses:

Basic Odor Theory
Proper Handling Techniques
Recognizing Explosives and IED’s
Canine Case Law
Record Keeping & Report Writing
Canine First Aid & CPR
Proper Detection Training Aid Handling and Storage
Advanced Detection & Interdiction
Scent Discrimination Trailing
Variable Surface Trailing
Tactical Tracking
Police K9 Agility

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Bomb Dog Services & Guarantees

We offer a two-year health guarantee and include x-rays on all of our bomb detection dogs. The purchase of a bomb detection dog also includes a 3-week Explosives Detection Dog Handler Course of instruction, lodging at our dog training center, certification, course materials and free in-service training and annual re-certification.  Refresher training is available for as long as you own the dog.

For more information on our bomb detection dog sales and training, feel free to contact us locally at 704.498.7907, toll free at 800.406.3243 or you can email us at