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Our story

Highland Canine Training, LLC began operations in 2006 in Harmony, North Carolina. Our owner and President, Erin and Jason Purgason,  both had successful law enforcement careers which included handling and training police dogs as well as managing the K9 department for a NC Police Agency. So, while Erin and Jason’s goal was to build a dog training company to cover many facets of the industry, training police & military dogs has been at the core of our business since its very beginning.

As a result of the success we have had in the field of police and military dog training since our inception, in early 2014, Highland Canine Training was awarded a Schedule 84 contract with the General Services Administration that allows us to offer our police and military dogs, seminars and K9 Instructor Programs to federal buyers in addition to State and local agencies.  Our trainers are dedicated to providing unmatched, quality solutions to fit the needs of our clients and their dogs.

Highland Canine Training, LLC, A Proven Leader in the Dog Training Industry

We offer quality police dogs and training for departments and agencies of all shapes and sizes. Our educational programs for police K9 handlers are second to none. Our training is simple and effective and our dogs get results in the field.

We offer quality Police K9 Seminars, Police K9 handler courses, as well as Police K9 Instructor Courses that are affordable and can be customized to meet your departmental or individual needs. We do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to training police dogs as we know that the needs of each department and community are different. Our programs and courses are taught by experienced handlers and former K9 unit supervisors with experience in the field. We have considerable experience in teaching new and inexperienced handlers as well as working with experienced handler to improve their performance and skill set.

All of our courses are taught with an emphasis and focus on learning how to effectively problem solve situations that may arise in the course of field activities. Armed with this information, we experience that handlers and dog teams perform more efficiently in the field. We also offer consulting and can help your agency set up a new K9 program that will be efficient and successful.

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