Police Patrol Dog Sales & Training

Quality Police Patrol Dogs - Before You Rely on Them, Count On Us!

Highland Canine Training, LLC is dedicated to providing the best police patrol dogs possible. As current and former police officers and K9 handlers, we understand how important it is for police patrol dogs to respond appropriately in the field.

We provide strong, social police dogs that are environmentally sound and have well-balanced drives. We offer German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds as well as other breeds upon request from some of the finest European import lines.

We have a proven track record of pairing the right dog with the right handler to produce an efficient and effective police K9 team.  If you are a department looking to start a new K9 program or if you are an existing department looking to add a police patrol dog to your team, contact us to see how our dogs and training programs can give your department an advantage.

Police Patrol Dog Training

Solid obedience and control is paramount when working with the police K9 to increase effectiveness and reduce liability for the K9 team and agency. Therefore, all of our police patrol dogs are trained in on-leash and off-leash obedience for complete control.  Patrol dogs are trained to sit, down, stay, come, heel and to respond to hand signals given by the handler at a distance.  This control allows for ease of use when deploying the police patrol dog in field operations and demanding tactical field environments. 

Optionally, our police patrol dogs can also be trained in tactical obedience for added control in the field.  Our tactical obedience training allows police patrol dog handlers the utmost control when conducting building searches, room clearing, arrest encounters and dealing with hostile individuals.

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Fully Trained Police Patrol Dogs

It is critical the police patrol dog be well prepared for the physical and mental challenges that it will face on the street. In order to successfully accomplish this, all of our police patrol dogs are trained in practical agility. Because of this training you can expect consistent and confident performance from your police patrol dog in training and in the field. All of our police patrol dogs are trained based on your department’s needs and specifications.

Police patrol dogs can also be trained to meet the certification standards of the United States Police Canine Association, North American Police Work Dog Association, National Police Canine Association, or any other organization that your department chooses to use.

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Police Patrol Dog Apprehension Training

police patrol dog bitework

All of our police patrol dogs are fully trained in criminal apprehension and handler protection. Our dogs are not sport dogs that are solely focused on equipment and routines, they are man oriented, not equipment oriented and are prepared to readily apprehend criminal suspects when required.  

Our police patrol dogs are conditioned to deal with passive bites, handler attacks and are trained to target a number of areas on the suspect to ensure that they are able to make an apprehension even when a suspect is concealed.  Our patrol dogs are exposed and neutral to gunfire from both the suspect as well as the handler and arrest team.

Police patrol dogs are also trained to be proficient in conducting tactical building searches, area and wooded searches, evidence/article recovery as well as scent discrimination and variable surface trailing.  We utilize and promote scenario based Police K9 training for all dog teams to ensure that they are prepared to tackle the extreme challenges that are faced by today’s law enforcement and military dog teams.

Police Patrol Dog Detection Training

Police patrol dogs can also be cross-trained in either narcotics detection or explosives detection and are considered dual purpose police dogs.  Dual purpose dogs are trained to perform the same activities as a police patrol dog with the added detection capabilities of the drug or bomb dogs that we train and sell. 

Dual purpose police patrol dogs are trained to the same high standards as our single purpose explosives and narcotics detection dogs. Dual purpose drug detection dogs can be trained with a passive or aggressive alert, depending on the needs of the department. Our dual purpose explosives detection dogs are trained with only a passive indication. Our detection dogs are trained in and prepared for a variety of environments including warehouses, residences, schools, etc. They are proficient in searching all types of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, etc.

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Police Patrol Dog Handler Training

Our Police K9 Handler Course is a comprehensive course, taught by current and former law enforcement K9 handlers and supervisors, that teaches beginner handlers all they need to know to be safe and effective in the field.  For experienced handlers, our handler courses can be customized to assist them in honing their existing skills.  Listed below are some of the topics covered during our Police K9 Handler Courses:

Basic Odor Theory
Proper Handling Techniques
Proper Decoy Techniques
Advanced K9 Patrol Techniques
Canine Case Law
Record Keeping & Report Writing
Canine First Aid & CPR
Proper Detection Training Aid Handling and Storage
Advanced Detection & Interdiction
Tactical Building Searches
Nighttime Operations with the Police K9
E-collar Technologies and Applications
Scent Discrimination Trailing
Variable Surface Trailing
Tactical Tracking
Ground Fighting with the Police K9
Evidence & Article Recovery
Police K9 Agility

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Police K9 Services and Guarantees

We offer a two-year health guarantee and include x-rays on all of our police patrol dogs. Included in the price of any police patrol dog is a comprehensive, four-week handler school. Lodging at our dog training center and course materials are also included with the price of any Police K9. Follow-up training and annual re-certification is included in all of our police patrol dog packages at no additional cost. Refresher training is available for as long as you own the dog.  Our commitment to customer service and the success of each K9 team that we train is what makes us a leader in the industry.

For more information on our police patrol dog sales and training, feel free to contact us locally at 704.498.7907, toll free at 800.406.3243 or you can email us at policek9@highlandcanine.com