Disaster Dogs & Urban Search And Rescue Dogs

When disaster strikes, our dogs are proven to be reliable

With the rise in occurrences of both natural and man-made disasters globally, the proper and effective deployment of highly trained Disaster Dogs or Urban Search and Rescue Dogs and their handlers is more important than ever.  

Over the past century, disaster dogs have proven their importance while working disaster scenes such as the World Trade Center Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Earthquakes in Chile, Haiti and Italy as well as other disaster scenes in the United States and across the world.  Time and time again, it has been proven that these disaster dogs can locate live victims faster and more safely than their human counterparts.

Disaster Dog Training

Disaster dogs are trained to search for live humans in a variety of demanding environments. These dogs are employed to search collapsed buildings and other structures in response to tornadoes, earthquakes, airplane crashes, as well as other natural and man-made disasters. Disaster dogs take a considerable amount of training and require a huge commitment on the part of the handler to maintain.

These search dogs are meticulously selected and trained to be comfortable on collapsed buildings and other unstable footings such as roofing and rubble. USAR dogs are  trained in agility, on and off-leash obedience as well as distance (directional) control. Disaster dogs are capable of performing in the rigorous and harsh environments that are created by the disaster scenes that they are required to perform in.

Our dog training center has dog safe rubble pile that allows for multiple victim placement as well as the ability to set deep and complex hides to challenge the search and rescue dogs working within it.  We also have the ability to restructure the pile in order to change it’s look and victim position to continuously test the abilities of the disaster dog.

disaster dog

Disaster Dog Handler Training

Our Disaster Dog Handler Course is a comprehensive course taught by former Search and Rescue K9 handlers that teaches beginner handlers all they need to know to be safe and effective in the field.  For experienced handlers, our handler courses can be customized to assist them in honing their existing skills.  

Our Disaster dog handler training courses are intensive and physically demanding and require handlers to work in challenging environments, in all weather and also include nighttime training operations. Listed below are some of the topics covered during our Disaster Dog Handler Courses:

Basic Odor Theory
Proper Handling Techniques
Record Keeping & Report Writing
Canine First Aid & CPR
Proper Decoy & Helper Skills
Effective Search Methods & Strategies for Disaster Dog Handlers
Advanced Scent Theory
Maintenance Training for the Disaster Dog
Agility Training for the Disaster Dog

Our Urban Search and Rescue Dog handler courses offer the handler a great deal of practical, hands-on training to ensure that they are comfortable working with their USAR dog in the field.

disaster dog training labrador

Disaster Dog Services & Guarantees

We offer a two-year health guarantee and include x-rays on all of our disaster dogs. The purchase of an Urban Search and Rescue Dog also includes a 3-week Disaster Dog Handler Course of instruction, lodging at our dog training center, certification, course materials and free in-service training and annual re-certification.  Refresher training is available for as long as you own the dog.

For more information on our disaster dog sales and training, feel free to contact us locally at 704.498.7907, toll free at 800.406.3243 or you can email us at policek9@highlandcanine.com.