Before You Rely on Them, Count on Us!

At Highland Canine Training, LLC, we understand the importance of impeccably trained and reliable K9s to help your team in the field. Our methods are proven and trusted by departments and teams across the globe, with modern-day techniques which achieve consistent results!

We understand there are lots of options for agencies who are searching for their next K9 partner.  We also understand this can be a time consuming and rigorous process. Our commitment to customer service and ensuring you receive the best dog and training available is what keeps our clients returning when they have a K9 related need. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully ensure every dog team  we train is prepared for the demanding field environments they will face in their community while on patrol.  We offer a diversified collection of services to assist agencies, organizations and governments in getting the most from their K9 teams and programs.

Police K9 Sales & Training

police k9 training

Our dogs are some of the finest quality imports from Europe and come with a two-year health guarantee against congenital defects. Prior to purchase, each dog has been tested to ensure their long-term suitability as a Police K9. X-rays of their hips, elbows, and spine are performed to assure proper health and the soundness of all joints. A complete medical examination has been completed, with full blood testing, as well as an examination of the; gait, skin, coat, teeth, heart and to ensure the dog is free of any intestinal parasites. All required immunizations are maintained and up to date. 

Dogs are also screened for sociability, temperament, trainability, and to ensure they are environmentally solid. Trained using a variety of methods, our police dogs are proven to be effective and get results. Our dogs have solid grips during apprehension work as well as reliable detection that you can count on. We also offer free in-service training and free annual re-certification for as long as you own the dog. Dogs can be trained to meet any national certification requirements the department requests. For more information on our Police K9 Sales and Training, contact us.

Military K9 Training

military k9 training international

Highland Canine Training, LLC trains military dogs and their handlers for agencies within the United States and across the world. We offer training for individual military handlers and can accommodate large groups of military personnel. We also offer Police K9 consulting and training throughout the world, upon request.

Training for military K9 and handlers can also be customized to fit the needs of the particular organization. Some of the common training areas we cover include: Utilizing the Police K9 for tactical entries and apprehensions, crowd control, roadway and structural clearing, tactical building searches, building and vehicle extractions, live fire exercises, proper decoy techniques, rappelling and conducting tactical insertions with the police K9, tactical trailing, combat tracking, mine/IED detection and scouting as well as teaching effective drive transitions between apprehension and detection work.  For more information on our Military K9 Training, contact us.

NGO & Security K9 Training

security k9 training

We offer a variety of training programs and K9 sales packages for Non-Governmental Organizations and security agencies throughout the world. With the rise of terrorists threats and the drug trade globally, companies and organizations are finding that well trained dogs and handlers are the best resource for continued safety and security.  We have a variety of programs to help security companies and other organizations protect their investments in the transportation industry, maritime operations, stadiums and sporting venues, large firms and corporations, private prisons, universities and schools as well as nuclear, gas, oil, water and electric facilities.

We also offer personal K9 security options for estate protection, K9 security for reporters and journalists as well as K9 Security for VIP & Close protection.  We offer packages and programs which provide you with everything  you need including ongoing support for the dog and the handler.  For more information on our NGO and Security K9 Training, contact us.

offering comprehensive, turn-key solutions to meet the demands of your agency

K9 Research & Development

k9 research and development programs

At Highland Canine Training, LLC we are continuously involved in research and development studies and projects related to the improvement of working dogs in military and police K9 functions. We are constantly examining all aspects of police and military working dog duties and applying science-based principles in a way that lead to innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes. In the past we have studied K9 effectiveness in locating explosive devices and compounds on humans as well as assisting in validating and creating new detection training aids and methods.

Many of our research projects examine aspects of detection dog training and handling in order to learn more about and improve upon detection dog training and handling for explosives, narcotics as well as other odors. We are currently working on a number of detection research projects with more planned to begin in the near future.

All of our research projects to date, have been self-funded, demonstrating our commitment to improvement of the K9 industry as a whole. For more information on our K9 Research and Development Programs, contact us.

K9 Certification & Testing

police dog certification

Police K9 certification and testing is a critical aspect to ensuring K9 teams are capable of effectively making sound decisions and acting upon them properly in the field.  There are many organizations throughout the US that offer certifications, many of which have not substantially changed their standards since their inception in the 1970’s.  Due to the ever increasing demands on K9 teams, we feel that police K9 certifications should test the abilities of both the dog and handler.  This is one major aspect of many certifications that is excluded, only requiring the dog to perform basic routines and patterns that can be practiced with no decision making requirement from the handler. At Highland Canine Training we stress real-life, scenario-based certifications and testing standards to ensure that K9 teams are prepared for the rigors they will face in the field.  Instead of handlers substantially changing their everyday training in order to meet rigid, antiquated requirements, we employ certification standards that mimic what they do in the field everyday.

We can also assist in establishing and implementing regular field testing for K9 teams to ensure reliable performance on a regular basis.  This allows you to spot deficiencies and areas which need improvement before they begin to cause major problems.  For more information on our K9 Certification and Testing, contact us.

K9 Consulting

K9 consulting

Whether you are looking to start a new K9 unit within your agency or to improve upon existing skills, we offer a variety of programs that can help.

Starting a new K9 unit, regardless of its size, can be a challenge that lends itself to a number of pitfalls along the way.  This process can not only be grueling for many supervisors and administrators, but can also be costly for those who may unknowingly make a mistake.  In order to guard against these potential problems, we offer a wide variety of consulting services to assist departments, agencies and governments in establishing effective K9 units that will get results and produce a return on investment.

We can assist with a handler selection and review boards, dog selection, policy review and implementation as well as creating effective training schedules and programs for your agency.  If you have an existing K9 program, we can help you develop advanced and custom training programs as well as providing seminars and other courses to keep your K9 teams skills honed.  For more information on our K9 Consulting, contact us.