Online Training Programs

Comprehensive online K9 programs to improve your knowledge and increase operational efficiency

At Highland Canine Training, LLC, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum of K9 handler and supervisor training covering a broad range of topics.

We are delighted to make these programs available for online learning. These classes provide valuable insights for supervisors and handlers alike, covering operational best practices and management techniques to achieve top-quality results for your K9 team.

Our classes are delivered through Digital Chalk. Browse our catalog of classes below (or on Digital Chalk) and then register for your program of choice!

NOTE: For classes marked as ‘Law Enforcement Only’, our team will need to verify your identity before you can complete the course.

K9 Supervisor Course


* Law Enforcement Only

hk9 complete supervisor course

Our complete K9 Supervisor course is designed for managers, administrators or supervisors of police K9, patrol K9, and detection dog units.

This comprehensive course covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Effective and efficient selection
  • Training and management of Police K9 Units
  • K9 liability
  • Record keeping and report writing
  • Handling of training aids
  • Unit allocation

This course is a great way for law enforcement teams to understand how to unleash the potential of their K9 Unit and dog teams.  

hk9 advanced detection course

Advanced Detection


This program includes comprehensive lectures covering both basic and advanced detection techniques for today’s K9 teams, in addition to how to maximize training opportunities in your operational environment. 

detection for 21st century

Detection For The 21st Century*


Much has evolved in the way of training, handling and deploying detection dog teams in modern law enforcement. This class explores ways in which we will improve in both our handling and training of detection dogs.

* Law Enforcement Only

attacking K9 evidence

Attacking K9 Cases*


Defense attorneys are working hard to discredit detection dog teams in court. It is vital for law enforcement to understand the strategies being used by these attorneys and how to effectively combat them and win detection cases.

* Law Enforcement Only

creating successful k9 teams

Creating Successful K9 Teams


This unit explores proper planning for K9 teams, in addition to discussion on topics such as budgeting, resources, reporting and analytics.

Risk Management

Risk Management & Dealing with Liability


Liability is often a major concern for administrators, and K9 units can cause liability in a variety of ways.  This section discusses how liability impacts supervisors, agencies, and how best to protect yourself from this risk.

effective k9 policy

Effective K9 Policy


K9 policy is what guides many of the operations of K9 teams. This section explores vital areas that should be included in K9 policy, and methods to ensure that policy does not become too restrictive for operational K9 teams.

Canine case law

Patrol Case Law


The patrol case law section discusses federal legal precedent which governs how Police K9 patrol dog teams operate. This section is great for those who may be new to K9 supervision or for those looking for a refresher.

Selection and Testing

Selection and Testing


Proper selection and testing of K9s is arguably the most critical component to the success of most K9 teams. This section discusses key areas to look at when testing and selecting dogs for both detection and patrol functions.

tracking and trailing

Tracking and Trailing


This section explores best practices for managing K9 teams that perform tracking or trailing functions.

patrol dogs

Patrol Dogs


Patrol deployments can often be incredibly dangerous and create substantial risk for both handlers and the agency. This section provides guidance on proper handling and deployment of Police Patrol Dogs. 

Case Law

Detection Case Law


This course helps to explain when a dog can – and cannot – be legally justified in operational deployments.

cert and validation

Certification and Validation for K9 Teams


This course explores the current approach of certifying and validating K9 teams and offers some insight for process improvements.

Identifying Behavior Problems

Identifying & Resolving Problems in Working Dogs


This section explores some common behavioral problems, how to effectively identify them, and strategies for resolving them.

record keeping and report writing

Record Keeping & Report Writing


This section discusses effective strategies and techniques for writing thorough and complete records – crucial to the success of K9 teams.

flsa guidelines

FLSA Guidelines


This section covers the Fair Labor Standards Act. It clarifies areas that are compensable and how to manage compensation for K9 handlers.

effective k9 teams blueprint

Blueprints For Great K9 Teams


Many supervisors and handlers strive to accomplish the same objective with their K9 teams – operational success. This section explores strategies for success, as well as common pitfalls that are seen in the industry and techniques to avoid them.