Quality Police Dogs for Sale

We know that you have many options when choosing a vendor for your next K9 partner and we know that the search for the best possible police dogs can be a grueling process.  Our knowledge and experience, coupled with our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart and keeps our clients returning for years.  We are not just a police dog vendor and training company; we are innovators in the K9 industry. Our goal is to not only produce the best detection and police dogs available in the industry, but to improve the K9 community as a whole.

We understand that some agencies are looking for “cookie cutter” police dogs that are available and ready for purchase today or are looking for a vendor that can train a police dog in a matter of a few weeks.  Our clients understand the value in having a well trained dog and fully understand that training superior working dogs isn’t something you can, or should rush.

Having a well-trained police dog is important.  Equally as important is having a well-trained K9 team.  Our focus on training both the dog and handlers is what creates confident K9 teams that often get results immediately after returning to work.  During our Police K9 handler courses, our expert K9 trainers teach handlers everything from core fundamentals, and odor theory through how to effectively prosecute K9 cases in court.

We offer a variety of police dogs for sale and offer customized police dogs to meet individual department / agency needs.  If you do not see the type of police dogs for sale that you are interested in listed on our page, contact us to receive information about other dogs that we may have available.

Not All Police Dogs are Created Equal. See the Difference!

Detection Dogs

Our detection dog programs are unmatched in the industry. Due to our ongoing research and development programs, we simply eliminate the guesswork of detection training. Our detection programs build reliable, solid, trustworthy dogs that you can count on in the field!

Dual Purpose Dogs

We offer sound , dual purpose dogs that are trained in detection and patrol functions. Dual purpose dogs can be trained to meet your specific needs and are street ready when you leave our facility. We emphasize, real-life, scenario based Police K9 training to ensure teams are well prepared.

Real-World Training

Realistic training in a variety of scenarios is critical to ensuring that your Police K9 is prepared to excel in demanding operational environments.  At Highland Canine Training, LLC, we ensure that all of our detection and police dogs gain ample, real-life exposure before putting them on the street.

Available Police Dogs For Sale


DOB -11/21/22 MALE


DOB – 11/21/22 MALE


DOB – 5/20/22 MALE


DOB – 9/5/22 FEMALE


DOB – 10/8/22 MALE


DOB – 6/8/22 FEMALE


DOB – 8/14/22 FEMALE


DOB – 5/11/22 MALE