Tracking Dog And Trailing Dog Training

Top Quality Tracking And Trailing Dogs

We offer a wide variety of tracking dogs and trailing dogs as well as handler training to ensure that tracking teams are prepared for the demands that they will face in the field.  Our dual purpose patrol dogs and our single purpose narcotics and explosives detection dogs also include tracking as well.

If you are just interested in obtaining a dog for tracking or trailing, we can provide a variety of breeds, including; German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhounds and both Labrador and Golden Retrievers.  Our Tracking and Trailing dogs are extremely proficient and well trained and are capable of following human odor for great distances and over a variety of terrains.  

We offer a 2-year health guarantee on all of our tracking and trailing dogs and also include free in-service training and annual re-certification for as long as you own the dog. These dogs are valuable assets to Police and law enforcement organizations in locating criminal suspects, missing Alzheimer’s patients, and lost children. Also, tracking and trailing dogs are by far, the most utilized of all search and rescue dogs.

Scent Discrimination Tracking Dogs

Our tracking dog and trailing dogs are trained in scent discrimination tracking / trailing.  This training allows them to follow a single human scent and ignore all others.  Without this additional training, these dogs are essentially useless in many field environments, which are often contaminated.  Because this contamination is almost always present, tracking and trailing dogs need to be capable of effectively discriminating between all of the odors that they will be presented with in order to ensure that they are trailing the person that you seek to find.

Our scent discrimination tracking dogs are proficient in working with and without the presentation of scent articles.  Tracking dogs and trailing dogs can also be taught to conduct scent line-ups and suspect identifications.

tracking dog

Variable Surface Tracking Dogs

Our dogs are trained to track and trail on various terrains such as grass, gravel, concrete, asphalt, sand and wooded areas, otherwise known as VST or Variable Surface Tracking. Teaching Variable Surface Tracking is an intensive process that truly prepares these dogs to be effective in the field.  We take a methodical approach to teaching our tracking and trailing dogs to work on variable surfaces so that they are confident and proficient in working through difficult environments such as city streets, alleyways and other terrain changes.

We have placed many dogs that work in desert environments and tropical environments and these dogs perform well because of their training with variable surfaces.

variable surface tracking dog

Tracking Dog Handler Training Course

Our tracking dog and trailing dog handler course typically lasts for two weeks and provides training on equipment types and proper use, proper handling skills, understanding negative indications, understanding and managing training variables, basic and advanced scent theory, record keeping and report writing, proper maintenance training, as well as K9 first aid and CPR.

Our handler schools also provide the handler with ample hands-on training with a variety of dogs to ensure that they are capable of reading and understanding tracking and trailing dogs.

tactical tracking police k9 seminar

For more information about our tracking and trailing dog training, feel free to give us a call at 704.498.7907 or toll free at 800.406.3243.  You can also contact us at