K9 Security for Individuals


K9 VIP SecurityMany security teams are working with VIP clients or clients seeking close protection in today’s dangerous world. VIPs and Close Protection clients often have business in and travel to hostile locations and have potential risks of assassination, terrorist attacks, kidnapping, hostage situations, and theft. Many clients have sought the help of private security companies in order to protect themselves, family, and work, while maintaining their current lifestyle.

Professionally trained dogs have the potential to be a valuable asset to private security teams working to protect VIP’s and Close Protection clients. A protection dog is capable of working in rigorous, demanding environments, places of business, at home, and during travel. Protection dogs are trained to apprehend, guard, and subdue threats. Protection canines are trained to be completely obedient on and off leash and obey all commands. The dogs selected for this type of work are picked to specifically fit the client’s lifestyle. Protection dogs can be highly useful as a visual deterrent to would-be criminals and terrorists while also being capable of subduing them.

Explosive detection canines can prevent bombings and find hidden explosives eliminating efforts of terrorist attacks or assassination attempts. Explosive detection dogs can assist in large building sweeps, vehicle, and home searches.

Both explosive detection dogs and protection dogs are capable of trailing. This can assist in locating missing people or tracking down anyone attempting to breach a security perimeter and flee.

K9 Security for Reporters & Journalists

K9 Security for JournalistsJournalists and reporters work in the some of the most hostile territories and environments in the world. They are constantly being kidnapped or quicknapped, held hostage for ransom, and killed. Security companies are being hired to provide close protection teams for journalists and news reporters working in dangerous circumstances.

A professionally trained dog can assist security teams working to protect journalists and reporters. A protection/trailing dog can be of great use while working in rigorous or hostile environments. Protection canines are trained on and off leash to be totally obedient and respond to verbal or hand commands. Protection dogs are trained to apprehend, detain, and subdue threats.

Trailing dogs can help authorities and security personnel track down kidnapped journalists and reporters. Trailing dogs are able to track down attackers and threats on trails up to several days old.


k9 estate protectionLarge estates owned by clients or corporations are large investments that require more security then a standard home. Estates are important assets to clients and are targets for many crimes including theft, vandalism, and terrorist attacks, therefore requiring more intensive security measures. Owners of large estates are protecting their estates and lifestyle through the help of private security companies.

Professionally trained canines benefit security teams protecting large estates in various ways. Protection dogs can increase perimeter security vastly. They are a visual deterrent for criminals, can preform perimeter checks for static security teams, protect handlers and members of the security team, protect clients, and guard vulnerable access points. Protection dogs are trained to apprehend, detain, and subdue intruders or threats while remaining completely obedient on and off leash.

Explosive dogs can greatly increase the level of security provided by a security team. They are able to locate and pinpoint on target odors found in the different types of bombs and explosives. Terrorist attacks and sabotage can be voided if an explosive detection dog is preforming routine bomb sweeps that a human could not preform as well.