You are currently viewing Tactical Tracking Seminar – Windcrest, Texas June 24-26

Tactical Tracking Seminar – Windcrest, Texas June 24-26

Learn to Effectively Apprehend Fleeing Suspects in the 3-Day Tactical Tracking Seminar

In June, we will be offering a 3-day Tactical Tracking Seminar hosted by the Windcrest Police Department in Texas.  This course is a great opportunity for trainers, supervisors and handlers to gain insight on how to safely and effectively conduct tactical tracking operations with cover and arrest teams to apprehend dangerous, fleeing suspects.

Tactical Tracking Seminar – June 24-26, 2015

PoliceK9 Seminar Windcrest TexasThis inclusive 3-day course will be held at the Windcrest Police Department in Windcrest, Texas.  This seminar will cover a variety of topics including tactical tracking operations, working with arrest teams, apprehensions, as well as urban operations and safety considerations.  The course will also cover nighttime tactical tracking operations for K9 teams. The Tactical Tracking Seminar will be offered June 24-26, 2015  at a cost of $189 for the entire seminar. This course is open to all law enforcement and military trainers, supervisors and handlers.

This seminar is a great opportunity for those wanting to learn more about the proper methods and techniques for properly working with tactical tracking teams.  This seminar will also cover problem solving with tracking and trailing dog teams.  You are not required to have a tracking / trailing dog to attend this seminar.

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