Dog dies after NC deputy leaves Police K9 in Car

Heat can Kill Your Police Dog in Minutes

Duplin County, NC – The Duplin County Sheriff says that Deputy Kevin Williams was working when he received a call that his child was sick and needed to be picked up from school.

Later, when Deputy Williams arrived home, he fed the police dog, but forgot to take “Kela” out of the patrol car.

According to authorities, the dog was found dead the following morning.

Kela was a dual purpose, narcotics detection trained Belgian Malinois.

This tragic event can easily be prevented by utilizing an effective K9 heat alarm system.  Over the years I have heard a number of stories, all sounding horribly familiar to this one,  where a police k9 was killed by heat in the back of a cruiser.  Heat alarms can often be expensive and many agencies don’t see the need for the investment, however, a life saved is well worth the price of a good heat alarm.