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Police K9 Decoy Seminar

Check out this review from our latest Police K9 Decoy Seminar that was held in Windcrest, Texas.  Our 3-day Police K9 Decoy Seminar teaches you how to safely and effectively "catch" police patrol dogs while increasing effectiveness in the field.  We offer a variety of affordable and comprehensive seminars throughout the world.  For more information on hosting or attending a seminar in your area, contact us at 800.406.3243

BSD Behavior Shaping Device Cleaning & Assembly

BSD Behavior Shaping Device Cleaning & Assembly Video At Highland Canine Training we often use a Behavior Shaping Device or BSD to help shape the final indication of our detection dogs. As with all training equipment, it is very important to maintain the BSD in top working condition. This can only be accomplished by regularly…
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Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar

Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar

Police K9 teams are required to work in extremely demanding environments where excellent split-second decision making is a must.  Being able to keep your eyes on your target and potential threats during these critical deployments is a must.  Our Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar can teach you how to work in conjunction with your K9 partner to accomplish this.  This seminar teaches the fundamentals of tactical obedience movements with the police K9 to ensure safer movement and better target acquisition during critical incidents.

Police K9 Tactical ObedienceHaving better control of your dog during these high-risk deployments will increase handler safety as well as increasing the confidence of the arrest team and other police officers working in conjunction with the handler.  This sets up a more effective and efficient environment in which to apprehend and deal with criminal suspects and reduces or eliminates the potential for accidental bites.  Our Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar teaches each step of developing these critical movements with the Police K9.  From luring the behavior through conducting apprehensions, this seminar covers it all.

Upcoming Seminar in Amarillo Texas - October 8-10, 2014

Tacticals Obedience Police K9 Seminar Texas

We will be offering a Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar, hosted by the Randall County Sheriff's Office in Amarillo, Texas on October 8-10, 2014.  Class will be from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. all three days and will take place at the Randall County Sheriff's Office.  This is a working seminar and handlers are encouraged to bring a dog with them to participate in class, however you are not required to attend with a dog.  You can find a registration form by clicking on the image to the left or simply call 704.498.7907 to sign up for this seminar.  Space is limited and this class is already filling quickly.  Call today to reserve your spot.

We offer a variety of Police K9 seminars including our Tactical Obedience Seminar at affordable rates to ensure that handlers and departments are able to receive the training they need.  Hosting a seminar is simple and the hosting department has no out of pocket expenses.  If you are interested in hosting a Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar at your department, feel free to contact us for more details at 866.200.2207 Toll Free, 704.498.7907 Locally or you can email

Raising the Police K9 Puppy

Raising a Police K9 Puppy - It's Not for Everyone! We recently acquired some really, nice four-month old, Belgian Malinois puppies and also currently have a litter of working-line German Shepherd puppies on the ground.  To be honest, it's been a while since we've raised working pups at our facility and this got me thinking…
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