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K9 Courtroom Survival Seminar – June 22-23, 2015 Texas

Learn to Gain Confidence & Win K9 Cases in Court in this 2-Day K9 Courtroom Survival Seminar In June, we will be offering a 2-day K9 Courtroom Survival Seminar hosted by the Windcrest Police Department in Texas.  This course is a great opportunity for trainers, supervisors and handlers to gain insight on how to effectively…
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Maximize the value of your next K9 Seminar

Most K9 Handlers, Trainers and Administrative personnel enjoy attending K9 Seminars to brush up on skills and learn new information and techniques. To maximize the overall value of your next K9 Seminar, remember these tips

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Perfecting Failure with the Police K9 Team

Many handlers find themselves training with their police k9 on a regular basis, weekly and even daily, only to find that their police dog does not perform as well as should be expected in the field. They work diligently and put in countless hours only to find out that they are simply “perfecting failure”. There…
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