Our detection dog trainer course is one of the most comprehensive available!

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Learn to train a variety of detection dogs

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Ed McCormick, Warren County Sheriff’s Office and graduate of our Police K9 Instructor Course

Due to the unsettling nature of our global community, the demand for detection work with dogs is on the rise throughout the world. From Police K9 and Military Working Dogs to commercial detection dogs, people recognize the value that a well trained detection dog can bring to their organization.  Bomb detection dogs are the most valuable tool in efforts to thwart domestic and international terrorism. In addition, narcotics detection dogs have proven to be a major asset in the interdiction of illegal contraband associated with the ever increasing drug trade. Our Detection Dog Trainer Course is specifically designed to teach the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in the canine detection industry.

These courses will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience with a variety of detection dogs to ensure your success as a professional detection dog trainer.  Our group of expert instructors is unmatched in the industry and they will show you how to develop detection dogs and detection dog programs that consistently get results!  In addition, our course teaches you about the science of basic and advanced odor theory, recognizing narcotics and explosives, advanced detection and criminal interdiction, detection dog problem solving as well as detection canine related case law.


Benefits of our detection dog trainer course


detection dog trainer certification

Proven Training Methods

Our course teaches you the proper methods of selecting a detection prospect, as well as imprinting and training the detection dog using methods proven to work. Our Detection Dog Trainer course teaches you a variety of ways to train detection dogs for narcotics, explosives, cadaver and more.  You will also learn the foundation skills you need to train a dog with confidence that it will perform effectively in the field.  This course also covers canine case law pertinent to detection dogs, record keeping and report writing, maintenance training, proofing and problem solving for detection dogs.

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Valuable Detection Dog Experience

In addition to our School for Dog Trainers, we also train various detection dogs for police, military and NGO agencies all over the world.  Therefore, our graduates have the opportunity to be involved with the training and handling of these dogs as well as the opportunity to assist and interact during the training of the newly assigned handlers.  Being involved in the process from beginning to end and gaining knowledge throughout this process is what makes our graduates so successful. This experience is priceless and better prepares our graduates for success in the field.

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learn to train detection dogs

Real-Life Detection Training

Our trainers and facilities provide realistic training scenarios to prepare both student and canine for real-world detection work.  We have a number of off-site training facilities that we consistently use to prepare detection dogs for real-life applications.  We utilize schools, warehouses, shipping companies, and tractor trailers and have access to a large automotive business that gives us access to countless passenger cars for training detection dogs.  Graduates of our program include Military, Police K9, and civilian handlers and trainers.  Our graduates obtain outstanding results with the detection dogs that they train and maintain.



Our Detection Dog Trainer Course teaches proven methods that you can easily apply

Our 12-week Detection Dog Trainer Course provides you with all of the building blocks that you need to create reliable and effective detection dogs that you can count on and trust.  Our courses are designed to take you through each step of the process in a way that you can easily comprehend and apply the techniques that you learn.  Shorter courses are designed for those who already possess a solid understanding of canine behavior and have a strong background in professional K9 training or handling who are looking to polish their skills.



Detection Trainer Course Curriculum

Police K9 Instructor Course ManualOur course curriculum is designed to provide each graduate with the knowledge and experience that they need to be successful in the industry. We have developed comprehensive course materials that graduates are able to utilize during our programs to confidently understand the information being taught.  These books and materials can also be used after the course as a reference.

Our 300+ page Police K9 Instructor Course Manual is filled with valuable information and diagrams.

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Canine Case Law Reference

Canine Case Law Book Cover Also included in our Detection Dog Trainer Courses is our 300+ page Canine Case Law Reference.  This perfect bound book contains tons of valuable information on canine related case law that is covered, in great detail, during the course.  It contains up-to-date cases and provides in-depth information on detection related issues.  Understanding and being able to apply and teach canine case law is a vital skill for any Detection K9 Trainer or Instructor.  This book serves as a great reference and training tool even after graduation from the course.

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Police K9 Supervisor Training

Police K9 Supervisor Course Book

Many Detection dog trainers are also tasked with supervisory roles within their agency.  Our Detection Dog Trainer Courses also teach aspects of Police K9 supervision and management in addition to the other facets of training dogs and handlers.

This 200+ page manual covers topics such as FLSA issues, K9 risk management, selection and testing of dogs, choosing the right handler and getting the most from K9 teams.



Customized Detection Dog Instructor Programs

custom detection trainer coursesWe offer customized Detection Dog Instructor programs on location throughout the world as well as at our facility in North Carolina.  Courses vary in length and are tailored to the individual needs of the agency.  Students have traveled from around the globe to learn to be dog trainers through our informative and comprehensive dog trainer programs.  Our School for Dog Trainers has hosted students from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.  We have instructed handlers and trainers from Law Enforcement and Military organizations from the US and around the world.  We offer customized programs for Police, Military and Private Security groups, tailored to meet the individual needs of your agency.  For more information on group rates and availability, please contact us.

Regardless of your current skill level and experience working with dogs, our Detection Dog Trainer Programs have something to offer.  Our goal is to meet the learning requirements of each individual student, and our courses can be customized to meet those needs.


Housing & Financing Available

We offer fully furnished, on-site housing as well as transportation and airport pick-up for individuals traveling to our school.  We also offer simple and easy financing options for those who wish to pay for their canine education over time.

Our courses are available to police, military and civilians who wish to become a Detection Dog Trainer or Instructor.  Attendees are allowed and encouraged to bring up to two (2) dogs with them to integrate into their course.

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Approved & Licensed Courses

Our Detection Dog Trainer Course is approved by the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges.  Our Detection Dog Programs are the first and only of their kind to be approved by the NC Board of Community Colleges.

Our Detection Dog Trainer Course is offered four times throughout the year and begin the first Monday of January, April, July and October.

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Commercial Pricing

6 weeks: $5,650 – 240 hour course

8 weeks: $7,375 – 320 hour course

12 weeks: $9,550 – 480 hour course


Price includes deposit and course materials.  Optional student housing is additional.  Learn more about our Detection K9 Instructor Course today!