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K9 Cool Guard Giveaway

We’re Giving Away a K9 Cool Guard Temperature Alert System!

Each year, countless Police Dogs die in patrol cars in America. Heat monitoring and alarm systems have proven to be the most effective way to protect your department’s investment against deadly temperatures.  We are giving away a FREE E/Z Coolguard Temperature Monitoring & Alert System by American Aluminum Accessories.

In order to enter to win, simply LIKE our Coolguard Giveaway Facebook Post then SHARE the post and TAG a friend that may also be interested in protecting their K9.

HURRY! Contest Ends August 31, 2015

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E/Z Coolguard System

Protect your department’s investment of your canine partner with our in-vehicle E/Z Coolguard Temperature Monitoring & Alert System. The lethal temperature for an average size Law Enforcement K-9 is 103 to 107 degrees for approximately 5 minutes. Our E/Z Coolguard gives you peace of mind and will self-activate to rapidly cool your canine when dangerous inside vehicle temperatures are detected. E/Z Coolguard comes complete with control module, 2 temperature selections (87 or 92 degrees), automatic dual window drop, high speed fan, fan guard and wiring harness, manual on/off override switch, and unique horn alarm patterns, status light indicator, and self-diagnosing alert.