Advanced Detection Development Course​

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Highland K9 is excited to announce the inception of our new Advanced K9 Course Portfolio.  Leading the pack for our initial advanced course launch will be Advanced Detection Development.  Our profession is inundated with options when it comes to handler and trainer’s courses, but a major gap between the two must be addressed and Highland K9 is proud to be meeting that demand.

Throughout our 13 years running Police/Military K9 training we have realized an all too common theme runs rampant throughout our industry.  That theme is the lack of K9 teams growing over the years following graduation of a basic handler course.  In some more extreme cases we see a dramatic regression due to moderately knowledgeable/under-supported handlers, moving into supervisory roles and finding it difficult to effectively mentor the newer generations.  This cycle of stagnation and regression must come to an end and we aim to assist in accomplishing just that, through each of our advanced and progressive courses.


Our online portion covers Canine Detection classroom lectures provided by Jason Purgason. These lectures are comprehensive and cover both basic and advanced detection techniques using operant  conditioning as well as how to maximize training opportunities and avoid common pitfalls in your operational environment. 

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With the online portion covering the needed academic aspects of the course completed prior to arrival, it allows us to concentrate on hands-on development with each team. Each team will be immersed in scenario-based, real world problems of increasing difficulty to both challenge and increase each teams capabilities.


What K9 handlers are saying...

" I recently attended the Advanced Detection Development Course through Highland Canine. The material provided by Jason Purgason strengthened my foundation of, not only the detection dog I possess, but all breeds that are used in the field. The course furthered my scientific understanding on the K9 and provided me with tools to advance our teams detection training for effectiveness and success in the field."
greg stewart VA police handler
Sgt. Gregory Stewart
VA Police Minnesota
"Highland Canines Advanced Detection Development Course was one of the best courses I have taken so far in my 8 years of handling detection dogs. It provides expert knowledge and gives the handler the information and confidence to advance your detection training and work through issues that may come up. I feel I will be able to work through barriers that dog teams face in real world and training scenarios and continue to advance my dogs detection capabilities. I highly recommended this course and checking out the other courses that Highland offers."
Lt jeff mastin va police k9
Lt. Jeff Mastin
VA Police New York

Handlers who choose to attend will participate in a two-phased learning process at phenomenal pricing for the enormity of the content the course contains.  The first-phase will encompass online training from your home location.  This serves to address a multitude of obstacles toward dramatic and positive-growth in the realm of detection.  Additionally, the online portion assists in maximizing the hands-on portions when teams arrive on-site here at Highland Canine Training, LLC.


Attendees can expect minimal downtime due to increased student to instructor ratios by experts with operational experience. Our online portion is designed to “front-load” learning and get attendees started in the field right away!


For over a decade, Highland Canine Training, LLC has emphasized the importance of scenario-based training, specifically designed by LEO/Military personnel to mirror their operational environments and increase effectiveness!


This course is customizable and the last day of the event will be designed based on the areas of focus decided upon by those teams in attendance.  Instructors will establish problem-solving scenarios to give handlers exactly what they want!

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To lose a team for weeks on end to attend a trainer’s course is not always fiscally possible nor feasible due to manpower and other requirements.  It is for this reason that we chose to develop a host of courses geared to improving a team’s value to a department, all while minimizing cost and time away.  Each graduate of this Advanced Detection Development Course will return home with information regarding the remainder of the advanced courses in our portfolio.  The intent is to offer teams a menu of courses to choose from, so they might continue to sky-rocket proficiency to higher levels with a low-budget and minimal time available. Attendance to one of our advanced courses also affords the organization attractive discounts to K9 evaluations or seminars at your home-base. Jason Purgason our President, has happily and passionately transformed many K9-Units in their own backyard and is always looking for an opportunity to do just that for those in-need. Whether you’re feeling stagnant, unsupported or simply confused as to what the next step toward growth might be, Highland Canine Training, LLC is here to support you. 

Advanced K9 Detection Class