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police k9 seminars

Police K9 Seminars and Courses

Locating informative and valuable Police K9 seminars that are affordable can be difficult for police K9 units. This leaves police K9 handlers, Supervisors and Instructors unable to stay up-to-date on the current techniques and training methods available to be able to get the most from their Police K9 teams.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers a variety of courses and Police K9 seminars taught by dog training experts with working experience in the subjects. These Police K9 seminars provide handlers the latest information based on techniques and methods that are proven in the field. Our instructors present information in a way that is understandable and easy to apply on the street.

Seminars are offered either on location or at our dog training center, depending on your needs, budget and facilities. Departments are able to host a seminar at their department which greatly reduces the cost of travel and per diem for handlers attending. This allows the opportunity for more handlers to attend the courses and learn. Hosting a seminar is easy and simply means that the hosting department provides a classroom, vehicles, buildings, firing range, etc. that is necessary to hold the particular Police K9 seminar they are interested in. There is no cost to the department hosting the seminar and individual teams are responsible for paying for their attendance.

Listed are some "typical" seminars; specialized police K9 seminars, and other customized programs are available upon request. Seminars can be customized to fit the individual needs of each department and seminars can also be combined together. Our team of instructors offer seminars on a variety of Police K9, Detection and Search and Rescue related topics throughout the world. Please contact us at 800.406.3243 or policek9@highlandcanine.com to discuss your specific needs, questions, and to schedule a seminar in your area.

Advanced Detection & Interdiction Seminar

advanced detection and interdiction k9 seminarWorking as a dog handler in a criminal interdiction role can be a challenging endeavor. Locating illicit drugs and hidden explosive threats that are hidden by highly trained professionals can be demanding work for any K9 team. This course teaches progressive and innovative methods to get the most from your K9 when working interdiction, whether it be with a drug or explosives detection dog. This seminar focuses on common concealment methods and how to combat them with a detection dog. This seminar also emphasizes working with complex detection problems, such as high and deep aid placement as well as working with large quantity hides in real-life, scenario based problems.

Course Length: 3-4 days

Detection Problem Solving Seminar

detection dog problem solving seminarIdentifying and resolving issues with detection dogs can be both frustrating and challenging for police k9 handlers and trainers. This is a practical seminar designed to work with both the handler and detection K9. The seminar covers the fundamentals of canine detection work, i.e. drives, scent theory, etc. The seminar also teaches the handler the proper techniques to more efficiently conduct searches and how to deal with difficult detection problems. This course is also designed to assist the handler/dog that may be having detection problems in areas such as search pattern, indication/alert, or other difficulties.

Course Length: 3-5 days

K9 Case Law Seminar

police k9 case law seminarThis K9 Case Law seminar is a class offered for the handler, administrator or K9 trainer. This course covers current case law that applies to law enforcement K9 handlers and is designed to give the student a sound foundation of canine case law in order that they will be better capable of making good judgements in the application of their canine on a day-to-day basis. This course also covers Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment issues as well as common policy mistakes and FLSA concerns.

Course Length: 1 day



K9 Management & Supervision Seminar

k9 supervision and management seminarThis one day police K9 seminar is designed for managers, administrators and supervisors of police K9 units. The course covers a variety of topics in regards to the effective and efficient selection, training and management of police K9 Units. K9 liability, record keeping and report writing, handling of training aids and unit allocation are covered during the class. This course is a great way for administrators to gain ideas on getting the most of their k9 Unit and dog teams.

Course Length: 1 day



E-collar Techniques and Applications Seminar

remote collar ecollar k9 seminarThe e-collar or remote training collar can be an invaluable tool in creating success with working dogs. The e-collar has proven to be an effective tool in training police patrol dogs, detection dogs and search and rescue dogs. This e-collar seminar teaches a variety of approaches for working with your K9 to establish effective communication. The seminar teaches how to employ the e-collar using a variety of training methodologies as well as how to apply the collar in field situations.

Course Length: 3-5 days COURSE OUTLINE


Basic Patrol K9 Seminar

police k9 patrol dog seminarThis is a Police and Military K9 seminar designed around patrol training & applications. Each K-9 team will be evaluated and problem solving, maintenance and training plans are developed based on specific needs and goals. Key topics of the seminar are:

* Training and maintaining obedience and control during apprehension work
* Training and maintaining the out
* Introduction to the proper use of the e-collar in police K-9 training
* Recalls / Stopped attacks
* Passive Bites
* Multiple suspects
* Surprise scenarios to improve live deployment skills
* Decoy skills and presentation in the suit
* Decoy development
* Man orientation and work in hidden equipment

Course Length: 3-5 days

Identifying and Resolving Behavior Problems in Working Dogs Seminar

k9 behavior problem seminarBehavior Problems can affect and even cripple otherwise effective K9 teams. Recognizing and resolving these issues quickly and effectively can relieve a lot of stress for K9 handlers. This seminar investigates the behavioral issues that commonly affect working dog teams and explains how they differ considerably from training issues. The class explains how to effectively identify behavioral problems as well as tips in both preventing and successfully rehabilitating them.

Course Length: 1 day


Cadaver Detection Seminar

cadaver dog seminarThis seminar is designed to assist cadaver dog teams with developing or improving their search skills and capabilities. This seminar teaches how to more efficiently work with cadaver aids that are buried, suspended and submerged. This seminar is also designed to to assist cadaver dog handlers in problems solving issues that they may be having with search patterns, indications, odor recognition, directional control, etc. This seminar is designed to teach both the handler and K9 to be a more efficient and effective detection team.

Course Length: 3 days


Police K9 Decoy Seminar

police k9 decoy seminarProper K9 decoy techniques are essential for developing and maintaining an effective police K9 patrol dog. This seminar is great for police k9 handlers, trainers or others interested in learning the proper way to interpret drives and develop a better performance from apprehension dogs. This police k9 seminar teaches the participant the proper methods of interpreting the drives of the dog that are used in criminal apprehension work. It also teaches the participant how to better “catch” police service dogs to optimize the dog’s performance. This seminar also offers the student a basic understanding of all the equipment that is used for training and maintaining a police patrol K9 properly.

Course Length: 3-5 days


Police K9 & SWAT Applications Seminar

police k9 and swat seminarOur Basic Police K9 and SWAT Applications seminar is designed to work with the patrol K9 handler as well as SWAT or special response teams (optional). The seminar teaches the students the proper techniques of integrating the police K9 in SWAT operations. Our Police K9 & SWAT Seminar works with K9 teams on problem solving issues such as live fire exercises, working with SWAT vehicles and managing the K9 with entry and special response equipment as well as effective methods of working in environments where chemical munitions are utilized. The course also teaches the students how to safely and effectively establish perimeters, conduct searches and perform suspect extractions.

Course Length: 3-5 days


Tactical Building Search Seminar

tactical building search k9 seminarConducting building searches for criminal and barricaded suspects can be one of the most dangerous tasks that a police K9 team is required to do. This Tactical Building Search seminar teaches the handler the proper techniques to more safely conduct these high risk building searches. It also teaches the handler how to safely deal with difficult building structures such as stairwells, crawl spaces and attics. This seminar also teaches the student the proper methods of working in conjunction with arrest teams and for conducting extractions and safe searches.

Course Length: 3-5 days


Tactical Obedience Seminar

tactical obedience k9 seminarPolice K9 teams are required to work in extremely demanding environments where excellent split-second decision making is a must. Being able to keep your eyes on your target and potential threats during these critical deployments is a must. Our Police K9 Tactical Obedience Seminar can teach you how to work in conjunction with your K9 partner to accomplish this. This seminar teaches the fundamentals of tactical obedience movements with the police K9 to ensure safer movement and better target acquisition during critical incidents.

Course Length: 3-5 days COURSE OUTLINE


Tactical Tracking Seminar

tactical tracking police k9 seminarTracking criminal suspects can be extremely dangerous for K9 teams and those working to assist them. This seminar covers the fundamentals of scent theory and the effects of the environment as well as proven techniques for improving scent discrimination and variable surface work. The course teaches the handler the proper techniques to more efficiently and safely handle a tracking/trailing dog while tracking high risk suspects. This course is designed for law enforcement teams employed to track victims/suspects and teaches tactical tracking elements through real-life scenario based problems. This seminar is also designed to assist the handler/dog that may be having training issues.

Course Length: 3-5 days COURSE OUTLINE

Police K9 Patrol Problem Solving Seminar

police k9 patrol seminarThe Police K9 Patrol Problem Solving Seminar is custom designed to assist the K9 handler and team with issues such as:

* Establishing and maintaining an effective "Out"
* Working with passive bites
* Establishing a reliable recall
* Decoy techniques to get the most of from patrol K9
* Building search strategies and problems
* Ground fighting
* Multiple suspects
* Working with arrest teams
* Safely and effectively managing felony vehicle stops
* Apprehensions with gunfire

Course Length: 3-5 days


Search & Rescue Fundamentals Seminar

search and rescue k9 seminarThis Search and Rescue Fundamentals & Problem Solving Seminar is another customizable course designed as a practical course to work with both the handler and search and rescue K9. The course covers the fundamentals of search and rescue work, i.e. drives, scent theory, etc. The seminar also teaches the handler the proper techniques to more efficiently handle and interpret the search and rescue dog. This course is open to tracking/trailing, wilderness, USAR and Cadaver dog teams. This seminar is also designed to assist the handler /dog that may be having any type of training issues.

Course Length: 3-5 days