Leather Agitation/Tracking Harness with Quick Connect

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Seek and ye shall find with our premium-quality leather tracking harnesses. Made from the finest domestic leather, our harnesses are made in the same tradition as our firearms, meaning they’re purpose-built with an eye toward detail and reliability. In building our harnesses from a classic design, our artisans focus on every stitch, each rivet on the handle and our fast-connect coverlets to ensure the best performance for the handler and the K9. If you’re seeking quality, you’ve found it!


  • Premium domestic leather, offering the finest in quality and durability
  • Solid brass hardware throughout (nothing plated)
  • Integrated control handle
  • Advanced polymer padded chest plate offers additional cushion, yet won’t “fuzz”or collect debris over time
  • Includes leather coverlets over hardware, eliminating pressure/rub points against dog’s coat
  • Made in the USA
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