BSD Behavior Shaping Device Cleaning & Assembly

BSD Behavior Shaping Device Cleaning & Assembly Video

At Highland Canine Training we often use a Behavior Shaping Device or BSD to help shape the final indication of our detection dogs.

As with all training equipment, it is very important to maintain the BSD in top working condition. This can only be accomplished by regularly cleaning the BSD.

This video will walk you through the simple process of disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the clean BSD.

To get started please make sure the device is not loaded or set. Next, simply flip over the BSD and remove the screws from each corner of the device and remove the bottom plate.

The BSD launch assembly, which is made up of a launch platform and a large spring is located in the chute and connected via a threaded bolt to the launch mechanism in the bottom of the BSD box.

Once you remove the bottom plate, you will see the threaded bolt sticking up in the middle of the box with a flat washer, small spring and a black threaded bolt cap attached.

Note: As the tension for the BSD is set by the location of the black threaded bolt cap on the threaded bolt, please pay particular attention to its location so you can set it to the same tension when you reassemble the unit.

Remove the black threaded bolt cap which houses a small spring. Continue by removing the flat plastic washer and the ½” thick spacer which is below the flat plastic washer.

BSD Behavior Shaping Device launch platformWith these parts removed you will now be able to dislodge the launch assembly, which is made up of a launch platform and large spring, from the BSD launch chute. Just flip the unit over and the launch assembly will slide from the chute. It is the launch assembly and chute which primarily catch all of the dirt from the repeated use of tennis balls, pipes, kongs or whatever reward you may be using bathed in dog slobber and covered in grass clippings and dirt.

To remove the dirt and grass clippings you can use a combination of compressed air and paper towels/rags to blow it all out and wipe it down. Don’t forget to clean the void under the launch platform.

Once all the debris is removed and all parts are wiped down, simply slide the launch assembly back into the chute making sure the threaded rod goes through the hole in the bottom of the chute. Now, while holding the launch assembly in place, flip the box over and begin the reassembly by sliding the spacer over the threaded rod, followed by the flat plastic washer and finally the black threaded bolt cap which houses the small spring.

Note: Thread the black bolt cap down the threaded rod as necessary to reset the BSD to the desired tension.

Put the bottom plate back on by reattaching all 4 corner screws and the process is complete.

Now it is time to test the tension of the unit to make sure it is at the right location for your next training application so just drop in your reward of choice and launch it. Adjust as necessary.

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